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    Michael Bradley Attorney

    Michael Bradley Attorney, an esteemed attorney from Covington, Louisiana, stands out for his remarkable 17-year career, deeply rooted in justice and unwavering professionalism. His path to the legal profession has been characterized by a steadfast dedication to upholding justice and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. As a public defender, he made a significant mark by achieving the highest plea-to-dismissal ratios in Louisiana's history. This achievement was not just a professional milestone but also a testament to his commitment to equitable justice, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors in law.


    Transitioning into private practice marked a new chapter in his career. Here, he honed his skills in criminal defense and expanded his practice to include various legal areas, including criminal law, family law, personal injury, maritime law, and parole matters. Over the years, his expertise and dedication led to the substantial growth of his firm, reflecting his broad legal knowledge and commitment to his clients.


    His contributions, however, extended beyond his private practice. He co-founded and led the Criminal Division of the 22nd Judicial District Bar Association. This role allowed him to influence the criminal process in St. Tammany Parish positively, showcasing his dedication to improving the efficiency and fairness of the justice system.


    Recognizing his balanced approach and dedication to client service, Michael Bradley Attorney was named among the top 100 trial attorneys in the United States and voted Northshore's Favorite Attorney. These honors highlight his unique blend of a justice-driven approach and professional excellence.